Shawn Granberry, CEO of HipHopTV Streaming Platform - The Power of Hip Hop Culture


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Podcast interview with Shawn Granberry, CEO of HipHopTV Streaming Platform - The Power of Hip Hop Culture
Shawn Granberry is CEO of HipHopTV, LLC, an USA-based 24-hour live streaming online platform. The platform features original programming, custom playlists, licensed content, and music videos. Shawn is an entertainment industry veteran with more than 25+ years of experience, promoting music and the entertainment industry in the West Coast.
Shawn Granberry Interview Focus
1. Can you tell us from your work on education and working with leading universities and especially your work helping young people achieve a college education and survive the dangers of the streets?
2. An introduction from you - background, overview, education... How did you get into the entertainment industry?
3. You were introduced to the entertainment industry through your mother’s job. Can you tell us about your mother and family business?
4. Can you tell us from the beginning of HipHop that you and your family were there from the beginning?
5. HipHop is a very powerful cultural phenomenon that touches music, culture, fashion, and social impact. Can you tell us about it from your history perspective?
6. There are over 2,850,000,000 search results for HipHop and multiple people have different versions of it. Can you tell us about this term, movement and industry?
7. Can you tell us about the role of HipHop TV platform and other platforms and how musicians and artists can use your platform as an educational and new revenue streams platform?
8. Can you tell us about HipHopTV the organisations and focus?
9. Cocina that manages Adsmovil, a digital advertising company with direct relationships to 1,200+ Latin American, Spanish, and U.S. Hispanic publishers, is partnering with HipHopTV, to bring A-list talent and data together to innovate and guarantee measurable impact for advertisers. Can you tell us about it?
10. Can you tell us how HipHop TV wants to use NFTs and new related techs to help artists and musicians?
11. How can we help artists, musicians deal with failure and work with global audiences?
12. Can you tell us about Hip Hop culture and its global and heterogeneous nature - and its youth culture association?
13. How do you see the main trends when it comes to the present and future of hip hop music and culture?
14. What is coming to HipHopTV soon that you can share with us?
15. As a music and producer that was in so much wild entertainment and music background you have also been involved in Berkeley. Can you tell us about this and also the relationship with Stanford?
16. Can you tell us about the work on data, sports and the work with Stanford University and context with HipHopTv and your context work between music and sports?
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