Muslim mum and business owner secret to success with Zaiba Hasan


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Today I had the pleasure to sit down with another AMAZING Muslim Businesswoman: Zaiba Hasan. If you were wondering if you could have it all: a wonderful family, a loving husband, and success in business, Zaiba is the living proof of that. However, you gotta work for it and face with courage and resourcefulness the challenges life throws at you. It all goes back to believing in the path that Allah subhana wa ta'ala has crafted for you for your OWN GOOD.
Some facts about Zaiba:
Zaiba Hasan is an American Muslim who grew up biracial and bicultural. Born and raised in Chicago, Zaiba’s Irish/Pakistani heritage and interfaith upbringing gave her a head start on navigating between identities. It’s, therefore, no surprise that she is frequently invited to speak at interfaith events since her background makes her a natural at bridging gaps between Muslims and non-Muslims in the United States.
A degree in Political Science and Communication further shaped Zaiba’s outlook on issues like race, immigration, and nationalism, as well as her parenting philosophy, which is geared towards raising compassionate, responsible global citizens.
When she isn’t busy with podcasting, public speaking, fostering an interfaith community, or working on her Masters In Divinity & Spirituality, Interfaith Certification, & Parent Coaching Certification, Zaiba can usually be found on the basketball court or baseball field with her husband and their four children.
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