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Born out of COVID in 2020, TBD Angels is Boston’s newest angel group. In its first seventeen months it has already invested in forty startups. Members David Chang and Yael deCapo spoke about what TBD offers startups and investors.


  • Sal Daher Introduces Yael deCapo and David Chang of TBD Angels
  • TBD Angel’s Process is Real-Time Not Batch
  • “We try to match their velocity, which is pretty hard to do, but we occasionally succeed at that.”
  • “There is a tool-based voting that if enough members vote that they're interested in hearing a pitch, we have an automatic way to schedule that pitch.”
  • TBD Angels Invests via a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)
  • “It's a little bit of an experiment from our standpoint. We started this group in the middle of a pandemic, the beginning of 2020.”
  • Sal Daher Thanks Matt Fates for Introducing Him to TBD Angels
  • In Seventeen Months, TBD Angels Has Invested in 40 Companies
  • Choice of Startups Is Driven by Member Interest and Not by Rigid Criteria
  • Sal Daher Introduces His Effort to Help Angels Invest in Life-Science Startups
  • Sal Daher Credits the Research of Jeff Behrens, PhD on Biotech Funding
  • “...I think it's a great value to the founders also, that they have that broader reach and it's not so siloed...”
  • Sal Daher Continues to Be Involved with Walnut Ventures Which Has a Lot of AI Expertise
  • TBD Angels Has Investors and Startups from Across the Country
  • The Singular Opportunity of Purdue University and Its 500 Professors of Engineering
  • AOA Diagnostics - Addressing Ovarian Cancer, a Silent Killer of Women
  • Kytopen - Scalable Production of Gene Therapies
  • How TBD Angels Connected with AOA Diagnostics
  • Brief Bios of David Chang and Yael deCapo
  • What Moved Yael deCapo to Write Her First Angel Check
  • David Chang and His Interest in Student Entrepreneurship
  • Boston as the World’s Bazaar of Biotech Talent
  • “...over a third of the CEOs that we've funded are women over a third, I believe are also people of color...”

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