America's 2000 Yard Stare: Coping With Crises Closing in on All Sides


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COVID. Wildfires in the west. Hurricanes in the Gulf and storms in the East. A women's right to choose under siege. A corrupted justice system. Economic inequality. Racial division. Democracy in the ICU. Any one of these crises would be a challenge for a generation. We face them all at once. The result is something like "the 2000 yard stare," the sign of a battle worn soldier unable to fight. But we must fight. The question is how. We discuss all this on a vitally important special edition of the podcast with guests Norm Ornstein of AEI, best-selling author and therapist Mary L. Trump, co-host former Obama White House senior official Dr. Kavita Patel and co-host David Rothkopf. Join us. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

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