USA Taekwondo Medals in Paralympics on International Taekwondo Day


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The USA Taekwondo team's, Evan Medell, won the historic Bronze medal as Taekwondo debuted in the 2020 Paralympics on International Taekwondo Day. Brianna Salinaro and Evan Medell were the first US Athletes to represent the USA Taekwondo program as the action got underway in Tokyo for the 2020 games (happening in 2021). On September 4th, International Taekwondo Day, Salinaro had been eliminated from medal contention; however, Medell went on to secure a Bronze medal spot behind Croatia and Gold Winning Iran.

Parataekwondo sparring mirrors Olympic Taekwondo sparring but for the elimination of punches and head kicks. The game is intensified by a 3 tier kick scoring criteria for body kicks: regular (2 points), turning (3 points), and spinning (4 points).

Marc Zirogiannis, Taekwondo Life Magazine host and Editor in Chief, discusses this historic event as well as the commemoration of International Taekwondo Day.

Don't forget to vote for The World Taekwondo Demonstration Team, including members of the Team-M Taekwondo Team, as they have moved on to the finals in America's Got Talent.

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