E5: Buy a House in Six Months with Special Guest Xavier Jones


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In this episode, I’m excited to share a conversation with one of my favorite clients, Xavier Jones.

Xavier’s story on the realization of his home-ownership dream and how small steps like budgeting and credit repair transitioned into the giant leap of becoming a homeowner is a true inspiration!

Topics Include:

  • How Budget’s Are Not Just For The Wealthy
  • Living Life To Fullest While Still Budgeting
  • The Dangers Of Entangling Your Credit With Friends or Loved Ones
  • Using Tools Like Zillow To Investigate Potential Mortgage Payments
  • The Importance Of Knowing and Taking Control Of Your Credit Score
  • Understanding How To Make Credit Cards Work For You Not Against You
  • Techniques For Improving Your Credit And Keeping Your Score High
  • Mastering The Counterintuitive Nature Of Credit Card Balances
  • The Necessity of Working With a Licenced Realtor
  • How To Avoid Overestimating Your Down Payment
  • How Better Credit Scores Affect Your Loan’s Interest Rate
  • Using Apps Like Credit Karma To Help Motivate Your Credit Restoration

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