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Questions covered this week;

  • Relevant to today’s insta post. Worrying that a lack of before and afters damages my social proof especially with my demographic. My clients take them but it’s asking to share them. How do I go about this best? Because I totally empathise with them.
  • How do you stop clients from making excuses and lying about their diet and steps
  • Sales conversion rate is low. Trying to show how I can add value but expense is always the number one objection. Advice please.
  • Sorry guys - another Q! How do you present your prices to clients? Heard mixed reviews about 'avoid pulling out a pricing sheet', 'present your price sheet and stay quiet/say nothing', 'know your prices and present as a tailored/personal pricing option for each client'(even though these prices are all the same obvs!), 'clients aren't interested in all the features of your package - they just want the results of the features from that package'. Thanks
  • What are your top 3 (or more) ways to ask people if they would like personal training. I know thats a pretty open question and that could be on the gym floor or online. Thanks
  • I feel like I have been so motivated with socials/ marketing and lead gen this week. I don't want to lose momentum and I really want to keep going with this pace because I feel like this is closely linked to me achieving my next goal. How can I make sure I stay consistent both in and out of the gym and not get sidetracked and distracted?

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