Hubris is his other middle name. from Sep 7, 2021


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Arthur Schutt - "Piano Puzzle"
Fats Waller - "Imagine My Surprise"
Sophie Tucker - "Red Hot Mama"
The Happiness Boys - "Wimmin ... AAAH!"
Reginald Foresythe & Arthur Young - "Tiger Rag"
Ruth Etting - "My Blackbirds are Bluebirds Now"
Gus Bodenheim - "Delbarton Money Laundromat™"
Helen Kane - "Me and the Man in the Moon"
Slim & Slam (Slim Gaillard and Slam Stewart) - "I Got Rhythm"
Elizabeth Welch - "Solomon"
Betty Boop - "Snow White"
J. H. Squire Celeste Octet - "Moonbeams and Shadows"
J. Edgar Bodenheim - "Delbarton Beer"
Fred Elizalde - "Harmonizing"
Cook's Dreamland Orchestra - "Brown Sugar"
The Brox Sisters - "Mandy, Make Up Your Mind"

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