Prey Tell: Silencing or Believing Women in the Church with Tiffany Bluhm


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CONTENT NOTE: This episode contains discussion of sexual harassment and abuse.
We interview author and podcaster Tiffany Bluhm about the depressing trend in the American church and the broader culture of ignoring, disbelieving, and actively silencing women who are sexually harassed or abused, often by church leaders themselves and often to protect institutions with oppressive cultures. Her book Prey Tell is a timely and important analysis of the sinister ways this trend is caused and perpetuated within the church and what we can do about it. If you've read and enjoyed the other recent books in the "Christian Thanos Gauntlet," you won't want to miss this one.
The beer featured in the episode is 2020 Black Gold from Central Waters Brewery. The whiskey we were drinking during the interview (not featured) is Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The Milwaukee sushi restaurant Tiffany mentions is (probably) Spicy Tuna. Special thanks to Story Hill BKC for their support.

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