The fundamentals of being a carer with Penny Wincer


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Welcome to this episode of the Motherkind podcast. I’m delighted to introduce you to Penny Wincer. Penny has twice been a carer. First to her mother and now as a single parent to her autistic son. Her first book is called Tender: The Imperfect Art of Caring.

In her book, and in this episode, Penny shares how looking after ourselves is a fundamental part of caring for another.

This is a really beautiful conversation. I found it emotional and inspiring. I was so inspired by Penny. Despite some of the monumental challenges she has faced her ability to take insights and wisdom and to share those with us is quite mind-blowing.

I hope you find her equally inspiring and that you take from this episode what you need. We cover a lot of ground and I suspect that every single person listening is going to take something different from it.

Do let us know what you thought of the conversation, and if you know anyone who can benefit from Penny’s words, I hope you’ll share it with them.

We chat about:

  • The range of carers and complexities
  • What’s essential for being a carer
  • A shift of opinion about boarding schools
  • Her self-care go-to’s as a carer
  • Her number one reason for self-care which might surprise you

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Book Tender
  • Instagram
  • Penny Wincer - website
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As always, we continue the conversation over on Instagram, so come and join us there.

About Penny Wincer

Penny was born and raised in Melbourne where she completed a degree in film and creative writing before moving to London. After many years as a freelance interiors photographer, Penny began writing about life as a creative freelancer, a single parent and raising a disabled child. She has written for The Telegraph, The i Paper, The Metro, Radio 4 and Red Magazine and co-hosts the podcast Not Too Busy To Write with fellow author Ali Millar. hwas published in June 2020. Penny lives in South London with her two children.

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