Back to Basics Life Optimization Insights Inspired by Dr. Tommy Wood (Breather Episode with Brad)


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Today’s episode centers around essential but simple, actionable insights we can all easily integrate into our busy, everyday lives in order to optimize our life and state of health.

One primary focus in this show is highlighting the importance of cultivating (and improving) our morning and evening rituals and habits to optimize all aspects of our health, especially sleep. You’ll learn about how seasonal changes alter the amount of sleep your body needs per night, the science behind why keeping your bedroom clean, sparse, and uncluttered actually leads to better sleep, and why 60 - 68 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for your sleeping environment.

You’ll also learn why it’s important to still go outside even on cloudy, overcast days, the adverse health consequences that come with prolonged periods of sitting/stillness, and the reason why our brains actually require downtime for optimal function.


Getting the optimal hours of sleep is the basis of everything else in a healthy lifestyle. Have a slow-down ritual to prepare for bedtime. [02:26]

The consumption of food is best in the daytime and your sleep environment should be dark and cool. [08:20]

After a good night’s sleep, we are ready for a high energy morning, up with the sun. [10:30]

Move more. Avoid long periods of sitting. [14:56]

Reduce stress by meditating, doing yoga, taking a nap, and spending time outdoors. Learning to quiet the mind is a challenge in today’s world. [19:33]

It is important to socialize. Put your phone down and talk to people. [24:15]

Eat real food. Eliminate refined sugars, grains, and industrial seed oils. [25:55]


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