Jillian Leigh - From Being Scammed to Building Funnels


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What a story she had in actually arriving at ClickFunnels. From a “scammer on Clubhouse” to a 1-Comma Club Award Winner, Jillian Leigh has an amazing journey!

Today this entrepreneur who is helping other entrepreneurs build an scale their businesses will be chatting with us about the importance of taking the one funnel away challenge and how it helps you have a better understanding yourself about the whole process.

We’ll learn more about her journey and how she took in the information as well as how she was able to implement the information from the trainings everyday. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you will want to take notes on what Jillian has to say!

Learn from her as she speaks of the importance of stacking and selling and talks about the power of the trainings inside of One Funnel Away!!

Make sure to give her a follow:

Instagram: @jillianleigh.ig
Website: MyMagneticBiz.com & www.mybrandingplaybook.com

And make sure to come sign up for the next One Funnel Away Challenge at OneFunnelAway.com as we’ll have a new one starting very soon!!! Can’t wait to see you in there!!

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