#1601: A World in Bondage


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[00:30] Alien Invasion (15 minutes)

A massive refugee camp now exists just outside of Del Rio, Texas. Rather than confront the problem, the Biden administration is banning drones from the area so that Americans cannot see what is going on. The southern border is yet another front in the ongoing war against America.

[15:30] Tent Cities Across America (12 minutes)

Homelessness and unemployment are increasing across the United States. And it is prophesied. As America locks down because of a man-made disease, tent cities are plaguing this nation with more disease, drug use and suffering.

[27:00] America’s ‘Harmful’ Constitution (18 minutes)

The National Archives has included a “harmful warning” for searches that turn up America’s founding documents. Where is this attack on the Constitution leading?

[45:00] Satan's Rule Is Almost Over (10 minutes)

Many people believe this world is constantly evolving into something better—an idea that has no basis in reality. Even traditional Christians, while they might believe in God, make the mistake of assuming that this is God’s world, even though the world is getting more dangerous and immoral every single day.

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