TWiT 841: Dancing Bullwinkle - iPhone 13, iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface preview, Inspiration4


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iPhone 13, iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface preview, Inspiration4

  • The Moose and the Showgirl.
  • Arctic Adventure!
  • Apple's iPhone 13 sports better battery and improved cameras, starting at $799.
  • Apple unveils redesigned iPad Mini with an 8.3-inch display and 5G connectivity.
  • Apple Watch Series 7 delivers larger screens and more durability.
  • iPhone 13's cinematic mode will let you manipulate focus like a pro.
  • Tim Cook Faces Surprising Employee Unrest at Apple.
  • Supply chains, labor costs, consumer apathy: Why 'Made in America' is a tricky idea to sell.
  • What Amazon's $18 average hourly wage means for other employers.
  • Amazon fights high warehouse turnover with offer of free college tuition.
  • OpenSea confirms executive used insider knowledge when buying NFTs.
  • YouTube takes down the Ig Nobel show because of a 1914 recording.
  • Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls, Company Documents Show.
  • Instagram chief faces backlash after an awkward comparison between cars and social media safety.
  • How Facebook Hobbled Mark Zuckerberg's Bid to Get America Vaccinated.
  • The Week Nicki Minaj's Cousin's Friend's Balls Dominated Twitter.
  • Facebook's first smart glasses are the Ray-Ban Stories
  • Google and Apple, Under Pressure From Russia, Remove Voting App
  • Telegram Messenger Blocks Navalny's Bot During Vote.
  • Inspiration4 Astronauts Beam After Return From 3-Day Journey to Orbit.
  • Tesla will open controversial FSD beta software to owners with a good driving record.
  • Surface Pro 8 leaks with 120Hz display and Thunderbolt support.
  • Galaxy Fold-style Pixel foldable, 'Jumbojack,' spotted in Android 12.1.
  • Woolly mammoths could walk the Earth again by 2027 if CRISPR startup succeeds.

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Devindra Hardawar, Jason Hiner, and Harry McCracken

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