Ep. 4 Remembering the Goddess Within


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What’s up friends ! Welcome back to the Bridge Between Podcast 💗 We are back with Episode 4 with our super special guest Goddess Rhonda ✨
We know of Miss Rhonda as Erika’s fairy godmother who helped her through a profound Spiritual remembrance that lead her to becoming the psychic powerhouse that she is today 💫
In this episode Goddess Rhoda shares truths about her personal healing journey, we talk sex magic, embodying the Goddess Archetype, energetic boundaries & lastly a quick little root charka exercise ❤️‍🔥
We are so excited for for everyone to tap into the Goddess wisdom of this episode!
Endless thank you’s to everyone who has been watching, listening, commenting and supporting by buying us a coffee
It means so much to us we can not thank you enough!! 🙏🏾 ☕️
October we are going to have some fun interactive announcements so we can all get this healing !!
Stay In touch with Goddess Rhonda through her Instagram @goddessrhonda
website https://healinghennagoddess.com and
Visit her YouTube channel https://youtube.com/user/Azjua7
Follow us on Instagram: @thebridgebetween888
We love you all!
Peace ☮️
The Bridge Between Goddess 💗
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