Preparing for your Cosmetic Breast Surgery Consultation (#1)


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Approximately 300,000 women undergo some form of breast augmentation each year. While information on these procedures can be found online, the internet and reality TV shows (like Botched) can be misleading and ultimately increase anxiety before you even have your consultation. In this episode of The Trillium Show, I give you some tips to help prepare for your breast augmentation consultation and discuss the four main goals of the consultation for both patients and surgeons.


  • Why Google and internet searching can be overwhelming. (00:15)
  • Goal planning: Why you and your surgeon should have the same goals before the procedure. (1:52)
  • Are you a good surgical candidate? Ensuring safe surgery (7:07)
  • The importance of patient/surgeon compatibility - and how you can manage expectations. (9:51)
  • Get the date that works best with your schedule - recovery time matters. (11:43)
  • Consultation tips: How to make the process as seamless as possible. (14:52)


Dr. Jason Hall, MD

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