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Episode 178 - Rob De Luca! Rob has played bass with a lot of great artists including George Lynch, Joan Jett & Helmet. He started out with Spread Eagle and is currently still in that band as well as with Sebastian Bach and UFO. He has some great stories including how Spread Eagle got signed and why they were kicked off the Vain tour, plus his thoughts on backing tracks as well as Sebastian re-joining Skid Row. Fun interview!
00:00 - Intro
00:57 - Spread Eagle Getting a Record Deal
09:28 - Tour with Vain & Naked Prank
12:42 - Parting Ways with MCA Records
19:00 - Working with George Lynch
21:15 - Getting Spread Eagle Back Together
23:53 - Getting the Job at UFO
25:47 - Pete Way & Songwriting in UFO
27:52 - UFO Farewell Tour & Michael Schenker
30:05 - Playing with Helmet on the Guns 'N Roses Tour
35:42 - Joining Sebastian Bach's Band
36:42 - Sebastian Bach Set List
39:02 - Chris Jericho & Backing Tracks
43:05 - Working with Sebastian Bach
48:40 - Of Earth, Songwriting & Tour Plans
50:55 - Alice Cooper's Solid Rock
52:20 - Wrap Up
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