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Are you open to our stories or do you make snap judgments? In this week’s episode, Coco Peru (she/her, he/him) shares her history with self-identifying and how she's still seeking inspirational + affirming language, loving and reclaiming terms that are still used as slurs today, and a time in her life where the trans community and drag performers were under the same umbrella (and may still be for certain folks). We also discuss what it was like discovering We’wha and the term Two Spirit from a book, how reality TV has shaped drag over the years, and the importance of having conversations - especially when there are differences. Coco also shares about a time she handled an upsetting situation and the shift that occurred after.

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Host Chris Angel (they/them) has a background in LGBTQ+ education, community organizing, and social work. Guest episodes feature at least one allyship tip, including tailored questions given their unique intersecting identities.

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