The Gabby Petito conversation; Nicki Minaj legal drama; Debra Messing shades Kim Kardashian


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A Dark Week on Planet Earth, Indeed... here's the rundown: 01:38 Molly’s Miracle Moonual, Money Mindset Coaching, & Manifesting Vaneers for the Community07:48 Sara EXPOSED! Devastated that Molly’s now seen the other side… TWICE … First at the bar in Philly when she puked-in (and brought home) her mask, and now… even sloppier … Sara has accidentally exposed her incognito goth-girl finstagram…. ‘13:50 Why, astrologically is this week sooooo darrrrrrk. As if a culminating Pisces full moon isn’t enough, mercury goes retrograde today, plus a few apparent tough transits that are shifting our perceptions of reality and literally causing the earth to quake!24:04 Gabby Petito, how cultures cope, and a case for how one might use astrology for forensics vs. clickbait.1:14 Dumbass Debra Messing shares on the internet again1:20 Molly was right about Steve from Blues Clues. An all-around win for PR on this episode….. but the astrology …. can help us understand…..

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