Florence, KY - Clay Shrout: Killer Hostage Taker


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One day in 1994, a police officer arrested a juvenile, and the first thing he asked the teenage boy was “What’s going on?” He replied to the officer matter-of-factly, “I’ve had a bad day today…I’ve killed my whole family.” As if that wasn’t enough for a spring day gone wickedly awry, the boy had also kidnapped his prom date, bringing her along to his school where he held his entire Trigonometry class hostage. That 17 year old culprit was Northern Kentucky teen Clay Nathaniel Shrout, who, prior to committing cold-blooded murder, had been known as a bright and conscientious honor roll student. So how did things go so wrong? How did Clay end up staging the unfathomable juvenile crime that stunned Boone County, Kentucky?

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