Episode #58: Raising Private Capital with Matt Faircloth


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It's nearly impossible to scale your real estate investing business without access to capital. You've probably heard the term OPM, other people's money before. Matt Faircloth, the author of Raising Private Capital and the cofounder and president of the DeRosa Group shares his secrets to responsible development using private capital. We discuss what private capital is, structuring deals, and the importance of investor communication.

0:00 Introduction to Matt Faircloth

1:27 What is private capital?

2:47 Working with family

5:52 Building your personal network

9:22 Learning how to talk about your business

11:33 Vetting your cash providers

13:37 Building trust and transparency

15:02 Working with SDIRAs

20:54 Investing using home equity

26:09 Breaking down a new deal

30:06 Offering memorandum structure

32:45 Matching up investors and deals

34:50 Using social media and newsletters

38:39 Communication when things aren't running smoothly

41:34 Honesty and expectation setting

43:27 Loan and equity deals

48:37 Evolving as an investor

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