Families Traumatic Escape Inspired The Vietnamese Boat People Podcast | Tracey Nguyen Mang Part 1 S7E4


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This episode’s guest, Tracey Nguyen Mang, is the founder and creator of the Vietnamese Boat People podcast, an award winning podcast which shares the stories of the Vietnamese diaspora, and something that has often been discussed with previous guests on this show. Tracey was born the youngest of seven children, in Nha Trang Vietnam before her family risked their lives to flee Vietnam.
Tracey was just three when her family made it to the United States, where there were few Vietnamese people at the time. Growing up in New Orleans and North Virginia, speaking Vietnamese at home as her first language, she went to a public school where she was one of just a few minorities and in an effort to assimilate suppressing her “history and heritage to adapt and assimilate”. Partly due to the trauma of their journey and the will to fit into their new surroundings the family didn’t talk about their past.
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