Commies Controlling Our Currency


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# 042 - Saule Omarova loves how banks were run in the USSR. So, Biden nominated her to run ours... into the ground. Plus, Terry McAuliffe doesn't think parents should have a say in what their kids are being taught. And finally, the National School Boards Association wants to treat you like a domestic terrorist if you question their indoctrination of your children.
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Here are the articles I mentioned in today's episode:
Comptroller of the Economy - Biden’s nominee to regulate banks really, really hates . . . banks | The Wall Street Journal

Parental Rights Battle in VA: McAuliffe Rejects Parents' Input in What Schools Teach Their Children | CBN News
National School Boards Association asks Biden admin to look into angry parents as possible 'domestic terrorism and hate crime' threats | The Post Millennial
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