S3 E3 Down the Barrel and the Lens - Big Waves and Surf Photography with Russell Ord and Shanan Worrall


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Russell Ord (surf photographer extraordinaire) and Shanan Worrall (big wave surfer and water safety expert) are the true definition of watermen. Both of these hardy souls come from the south west of Western Australia where the Indian Ocean swells roll onto the shore at spots like the infamous break known as "The Right". Both men immersed themselves in every facet of ocean sports from an early age and whilst Shanan continues the search for the ultimate wave, Russell has turned his attention to capturing the beauty of the ocean's motion and the athletes who try to master the massive waves. This has led to a strong friendship between the two, cemented when Shanan nearly drowned at The Right and Russell came to his aid on a jet ski.
Their understated tales of frightening swells, horrific shark attacks and the personal struggles that followed are compulsory listening, and should be an example to us all of how to face your fears, share your worries with mates and how to come back stronger than before.

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