NES Works #083: Bases Loaded & Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf


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This episode focuses on perception, especially vis-a-vis Bases Loaded. A certain demographic of NES owners LOVES Bases Loaded. However, in my experience, people who discovered the NES later (when better and better-looking baseball sims were available for the console) tend to find it lacking and shallow. And then there is the Japanese Famicom owner's perspective, in which Bases Loaded (aka Moero!! Pro Yakyuu) is almost universally reviled. How could so many people hold such contradictory points of view?

This episode delves deeply into that question. This episode also talks about Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf. (Yes, I am aware of The Simpsons' parody. No, it's not germane to this discussion.)

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Production notes:

  • NES and Famicom footage in this episode was captured from @Analogue Nt / Nt Mini / Nt Mini Noir via RGB out.
  • Neo Geo footage was captured from a consolized MVS.
  • Standard definition video upscaled to 720 with xRGB Mini Framemeister and @Retro Tink 5X.

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