October 2021 Selection pt II (featuring Activa, Solarstone, Ganzfeld, Grum, Airwave, Cosmic Gate, Reflekt, Delline Bass, Cristoph, Mauro Picotto, Riccardo Ferri, Danny Stubbs, Kelle, Tim French, Ákos Győrfy, Rafael Cerato, Gux Jimenez, Liam Garcia, Glenn


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Coldwired Podcast (Follow on Facebook: facebook.com/ColdwiredMusic). October 2021 Selection pt II. Tracklisting: [00:00] 01. Airwave - Healing Is The Hardest Part [Bonzai Progressive] [05:15] 02. Liam Garcia - Not Typical (Twisted Mix) [Electronic Tree] [10:56] 03. Rafael Cerato - Maniakal [KATERMUKKE] [16:21] 04. Mauro Picotto and Riccardo Ferri - New Time New Place (Gux Jimenez Bootleg) [Bootleg] [22:02] 05. Reflekt, Delline Bass, Cristoph - Need To Feel Loved (Cristoph Alternative Remix) [Altra Moda] [27:11] 06. Glenn Molloy - Don't Go (Soulfinder Remix) [JourneyDeep Records] [32:19] 07. Gelios - Suria [Capital Heaven] [38:10] 08. Solarstone pres. Ganzfeld - Ganzfeld [RCRDSHP] [45:18] 09. Grum - Mainframe (Extended Mix) [Anjunabeats] [49:53] 10. Cosmic Gate - Vertigo (Extended Mix) [Wake Your Mind Records] [55:26] 11. Tim French - This Is the Way (Damien Spencer Remix) [Resonate Together] [1:00:11] 12. Damiano von Erckert - These Are The Moments (For Zmini) [Live At Robert Johnson] [1:06:11] 13. Kelle, Ákos Győrfy - Forgotten Tales [Rune Recordings] [1:10:39] 14. Danny Stubbs - Space Music [Empress Recordings] ***Defrosted from 2014*** [1:16:14] 15. Activa - Journey Home (Album Mix) [Black Hole Recordings] [1:20:35] 16. Activa - Fade From View (Album Mix) [Black Hole Recordings] ***Gold Star Track*** [1:24:54] 17. Ritual - Cold Streets [Soul Deep Digital]

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