Bonus Sample: Talking to Children About Conspirituality


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An audio essay loosely based on conversations Matthew has while parenting. Content is possibly appropriate for ages 7 to 11 — although who really knows. The main point is to deflate the media persona and cut back on the cynicism and hot-takery to discuss these things in a way that leaves the door open for growth and hope. Rules: use simple sentences, many examples, frame bad news within good news, and never call anyone stupid. Don’t give a kid a story that has no way out. Don’t people their world with hopeless cases.Questions include:

  • What is a conspiracy?
  • What’s the difference between a good and bad conspiracy?
  • So what are conspiracy theories?
  • Are all conspiracy theories bad?
  • How can people can believe COVID isn’t real when they can see how many people are getting sick and dying?
  • Why do conspiracy theorists make things worse than they actually are?
  • Why would the government cover up aliens?
  • What is spirituality?
  • What do conspiracy theories have to do with spirituality?
  • So if you grew up believing in Jesus, did you used to believe in conspirituality?

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