#090 Who is John Steenhuizen? Could the DA have digital presence crisis?


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Just how do young people see political leaders? Who is John Steenhuizen? Could the DA be in trouble? Political parties have all started their campaigns ahead of the November municipal elections. And while the IEC is pleased with the number of voters who've registered, there is concern about the number of new voters. Just how do young people see political leaders? To unpack this, #eNCA speaks to Carmen Murray, a digital and content specialist. Courtesy #DStv403 About eNCA host: Host of The Clement Manyathela Show #TheCMShow on @Radio702 9-12 Midday Daily. News Anchor on @eNCA About Carmen Murray: Digital Analyst, Content and Communications specialist, (Founder of Carmen Murray Communications | Freakishly Effective Content), Africa representative of The Connected Marketer™, IAB Black Pixel Winner- Digital 2019, and nominated as one of the top women in tech- Africa-Meltwater. Juror IAB and Adfocus FM Software used in conjunction with Meltwater and Carmen Murray Communications blueprint methodology using netnography. Read the full article here · Watch the full interview now · Connect with Carmen Murray

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