10.13.21 Device Addiction vs. Being In The Moment / Beware Stalkerware.


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How many times do you pick up your smartphone each day? Surprising statistics about how much we’re engrossed in these devices, and something else to think about. // Both Androids & iPhones are being invaded by various types of malicious apps. 10 million got hit with fake charges on their cell phone bills. Learn the number 1 way to know a rogue app is lurking & how to protect yourself from this growing type of spyware.

Ask Clark topics include: What Is a 403(b) / Umbrella Insurance / 401(k) Rollover / How To Find and Choose a Financial Advisor / How to Protect Your Phone Against a SIM Swap Attack | WIRED / CDARS® has been renamed IntraFi Network Deposits. / Clark Deals 2021 Sweepstakes

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