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Bud Carr is a search and rescue expert in the upper northwest of the United States. Carlton “Bud” Carr Jr. was born in 1978 in California’s San Bernardino Valley. He moved to Colorado as a child and now lives in northwest Washington in a small, rented home on the Skagit River with his wife and three children. He’s a journeyman carpenter, although he’s worked a grab bag of blue-collar jobs, but also has an education in wilderness survival. Carr played and explored in the mountains growing up, and his dad would quiz Bud on what to do if he got stranded on that mountain road. Go to the creek. Follow the creek to the river. Follow the river to civilization. Bud learned how to hunt, to build shelters, to insulate himself with leaves and how to travel in the mountains. A self-described mountain man, Carr is an enthusiastic storyteller, one who uses every inch of his 5-foot-11 frame to elucidate and elaborate, his gestures those of a college theater major, albeit a tattooed and felonious one. He’s prone to long rants, but is also a good listener, happy to suspend a story, although he almost always picks it up later.

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