050 - Weekly Blog Updates - Seriously?


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Is it really necessary to publish or do an update to your blog posts on a weekly basis? In this episode of SEO Leverage Podcast, Gert outlines how to determine when to refresh or prune your already published articles. If your concern is to drive more traffic to your website by publishing more often, that is wrong. In fact, Google doesn't really care about frequency, it cares more about what makes users happy or how relevant the article is.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

01:06 Introduction of the topic on blog posts

02:05 Does Google care about the frequency of your blog post?

03:04 Why was the question about publication frequency raised?

03:50 Deciding on whether to update or refresh your blog posts depends on the following:

  • Is it still relevant or valid to the users?
  • Your kind of industry e.g. technology-related industries
  • What articles are losing traction?

04:50 Why is a tracking system necessary to see if your articles need some work?

06:16 Gert Mellak’s rule of thumb that applies to different industry sectors in regards to article updates.

07:20 Recap

08:01 End


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