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Ever had someone ask you "whats your brand?" as an artist it can be one of the hardest questions anyone asks you. In this episode host Rae Leigh and guest Ilana Armida talk about the humanity of being an artist and how they believe the "branding" practice in the music industry is changing.

iLana Armida is an incredibly talented Pop/R&B singer-songwriter from Worcester, Massachusetts.

Raised in South Florida, iLana fell in love with music and found her passion from an early age. Writing and performing in local musical theatre. After high school, Ilana, attended Florida Atlantic University, where she got her degree in Commercial Music Business; and where she found her sound.

iLana first EP ‘Iridescent Flower Child” was compared to the likes of JoJo and Christina Milian. Blissful, trippy, hypnotic, haunting and powerful were just a few words used to describe it.

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