Part 2: Here's What Happened When I Worked with a Professional Organizer with Linda Samuels


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This is a special double feature of my guest Linda Samuels, professional organizer. After appearing in Episode 44 to share her thoughts about how to handle clutter and how to create spaces that feel right, Linda and I worked together during three virtual organizing sessions to address the clutter and organizational needs within my home. This second episode is a review of what transpired and the important lessons I learned from Linda about handling clutter, organizing for success, and living well.

You’re going to hear not only my “a-ha” moments, but you’re also going to get a sense of what it is like to work with a professional organizer too. Linda’s style of coaching is both warm and highly listen in to our conversation to join in.

Linda Samuels, CPO-CD®, CVPO™, is a compassionate, enthusiastic Professional Organizer and Coach, founder of Oh, So Organized!, Professional Organizer Advisor for Executive Mom Nest, and blogger on organizing and life balance. In addition to offering virtual organizing to clients worldwide, Linda presents workshops, writes, and mentors other Professional Organizers. Media features include WNYC's All of It, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, HuffPost, Westchester Magazine, and Linda lives with her husband between two rivers 30 miles north of New York City, in a small, colorful home with a purple front door. They are empty-nesters as their children are in the world living their adult lives.


  • [14:26] The first lesson: Get your thinking in order to avoid overwhelm
  • [17:24] The second lesson: Be aware of your ways of being and your energy as you organize
  • [19:19] How Linda listens for what her clients need and wish for
  • [20:37] The third lesson: Consider what you really want to have happen
  • [21:41] Why clutter often leads to feelings of paralysis and procrastination


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