The Loneliest Whale - Tracking The Ocean's Rarest Mammal


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Documentary filmmaker and director, Joshua Zeman, returns with a brand-new doc, “The Loneliest Whale: The Search For 52,” available now in theaters and on demand ( It’s a departure from his typical true crime stories (aka “Cropsey,” “Murder Mountain,” “Sons of Sam”), and instead embarks on an expedition to find the one rare whale in the ocean that sings at its own frequency (52 hertz), and why scientists believe this whale has lived its whole life in complete solitude! Josh explains how one kickstarter campaign got the ball rolling on this journey, how and when actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier of “Entourage” fame got involved, and what it was like to spend 7 days on the ocean searching for and tagging whales. He recounts some of their open sea adventures, how the story evolved into more than just the “Search for 52,” and some of the unexpected help they encountered along the way.

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