Chicken and the Egg: Bardos, Buddhas and Buddhist Cosmology – Ep. 273


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Opening the imaginative gateways using the miss-titled "Tibetan Book of the Dead" as his guide, Robert Thurman in this episode gives a teaching on the Buddhist perspective on the origins of the universe, emptiness, and selflessness. Using stories from his time teaching at Columbia & Amherst Universities, and from his time studying with Geshe Wangyal, Tara Tulku, and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Bob Thurman discusses the value of developing critical wisdom, intuition and compassion and supportive behavior during the death process and in our daily lives.

Starting with defining what a Buddha is from a Non-Buddhist perspective, podcast includes a guided meditation on emptiness and an in-depth examination of causality.

"Chicken and the Egg: Bardos, Buddhas and Buddhist Cosmology" - Ep. 273 of the Bob Thurman podcast was recorded during the on-going Tibet House US | Menla Online “Bardo” teachings with Andrew Holecek, available via

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