THE FUNGAL DIMENSION: Living in Service to the Fungi with Giuliana Furci


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Today we step into an alternate, healing dimension: into the realm of the Fungi.

We are deeply honored to welcome Giuliana Furci, Foundress and CEO of the Fungi Foundation to SOUNDFOOD. Giuliana is the first female field mycologist in Chile, a Harvard University Associate, Dame of the Order of the Star of Italy, Co-Chair of the IUCN Fungal Conservation Committee, lecturer, author, mother, and a true fauna for Funga. Under her leadership, Chile became the first country in the world to include the Fungi Kingdom in its environmental legislation, thus allowing Chilean funga to be included in the study and evaluation of environmental impacts throughout the country.

Giuliana’s dedication to research and cultivating awareness around mycology is grounding and activating. She shares why it is crucial to include fungi in our entire framework; beginning with our educational and legal systems; while simultaneously recognizing the ancestral significance of how fungi (and yeast) connect us all through space, time and species. In our conversation, Giuliana also touches upon the breakthroughs which are now emerging in mycology.

We honor Giuliana for her leadership and for being able to listen to what the fungi need without inserting her own agenda. Tune in to expand your perception of existence and harmonize with the vast and powerfully interconnected ecosystems beyond our human form!


Thank you Giuliana!

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