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We are delighted to be back with our first full episode featuring Pride of the Maine - a great band with a unique style that has influenced many bands over the years.

We spoke with their band master Jason Kernohan about his band journey as a young boy through to today. We touch on the band changing their style as well as their famous recording "Blue Devils". We cover a lot of ground regarding bands and touch on the issue of mental health and the help that Light of Foot provide for the band community.

I couldn't think of a better conversation to open up season 5 and I really hope you enjoy it.

Thank you to everyone who listened in to the season preview with Pride of the Myle - fantastic support for that episode with over 500 listens in less than a week.

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Next week we chat with Roy McPeake and Neill Glass about their work recording and streaming band parades, make sure you check that out.

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See you all on the next episode.

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