Stories on Earth: Rhino: An Alternative Story w/ Anna Maria Fink & Mizt aan de Maas


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We’ve reached the final instalment of interviews with the participants of the Stories on Earth project, an experiment that brings together spatial designers and writers to devise new spatial narratives that accommodate the inherent interrelationship between humans and the non-human. Together, these artists have crafted three stories that open up the possibility of imagining radically different worldviews, challenging society’s prevailing belief in a separation between humans and everything else.

In this interview, FA editor Eda Hisarlıoğlu talks with two of the landscape and book designer Anna Maria Fink and writer Mizt aan de Maas. Their contribution to the project, “Rhino. An Alternative Story”, is based on their work on the zoological garden. Among other things, Mizt and Anna discuss the various inspirations for their dystopian story (for Mizt, dystopias like that found in the film Twelve Monkeys, and for Anna the timeline of the Rhino’s contact with Europe, from ancient history to the more recent past). They also reflect on their decision to make a book, and Anna’s playful insertion of Rhino cutouts into the urban landscape during lockdown.

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