EV special, plus Apple AirPods gen 3 and Beats Fit Pro review with Chris Davies of SlashGear


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Tune into episode 241 of the Mobile Tech Podcast with guest Chris Davies of SlashGear -- brought to you by Audible. In this episode, we focus on the state of EVs in 2021 by discussing the latest electric tech and our favorite electric cars. We also review the Apple AirPods gen 3 and Beats Fit Pro, then cover some news from Google and Moto... Fun!

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- Chris Davies: https://twitter.com/c_davies
- Chris' Apple AirPods gen 3 review: https://www.slashgear.com/apple-airpods-3rd-generation-review-03698172/
- Chris' Beats Fit Pro review: https://www.slashgear.com/beats-fit-pro-review-01697756/
- Google Pixel 6 Pro display flicker issue and fix: https://www.engadget.com/google-confirms-pixel-6-pro-display-flickering-issue-will-be-fixed-next-month-122533947.html
- Moto G51 with Snapdragon 480+: https://www.gsmarena.com/moto_g51_is_official_as_the_first_phone_with_snapdragon_480_chipset-news-51687.php
- Ford Eluminator electric crate motor: https://www.slashgear.com/this-classic-pickups-ford-e-crate-motor-heart-is-the-start-of-something-huge-02697963/
- Tesla Supercharging for other EVs: https://www.slashgear.com/tesla-trials-supercharger-access-for-any-ev-in-pivotal-pilot-01697804/
- My recent EV articles for TechRadar: https://www.techradar.com/author/myriam-joire

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