“Choking the Chicken”


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It’s a jam-packed episode as Jose joins the crew this week. The guys open up talking about escaping a snail and Florida Man takes us down south to Lake County to see if anyone can add to their Big Board totals. We continue the Elite Eight of our Best French Fries Bracket with #4 Arby’s against #5 Checkers. Loyal listeners Naomi and Josh the Artist drop some voice nuggets.

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Jose defends his segment live with the crew and reminds them where they messed up. Our latest Am I an Asshole involves a fake firing and 7 Minutes in Heaven talks baseball and Aaron Rodgers. We round out the episode with a Would You Rather involving Kevin’s favorite pastime…fighting animals. Grab your favorite drink and enjoy! Cheers!

Chris's highlights...

4:50-5:10 Jason vs. The Snail

15:30-15:45 VSM

21:50-22:06 “Trash Asshole”

26:45-27:50. All Fast Food Spots the Same?

32:00-32:30 Which BB&C?

55:40-56:10 The grossest matchup?

67:00-67:30 Kevin has all the free food

72:28-72:43 PULL IT

93:40-94:10 Kevin Chokes the Chicken

96:30-96:55 Chase’s Roadkill Chicken


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