Podcast 344: Courtney Hartman Interviews Lawrence Smart


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To celebrate the release of Glade, the gorgeous new solo album from singer-songwriter and guitarist Courtney Hartman, we’ve handed her the keys to the Fretboard Journal Podcast. All week long, Courtney will be interviewing some of her favorite people in the fretted instrument world.

She started the week off by interviewing Dana Bourgeois. This time around, she talks to Idaho-based luthier Lawrence Smart. Smart describes the role the outdoors has played on his creations, why he ended up building archtops (Courtney is often seen playing one), and why he’s embraced innovations like fanned frets.

There aren't many interviews with Lawrence available; enjoy this rare treat.

Look for Courtney’s next interview installment in a few days. This weekend, Jason will be back and talking to Courtney herself about her new album, too. In the meantime, check out Glade. Courtney recorded it on the Colorado farm where she grew up using an array of instruments and with some special guest cameos (including Gregory Alan Isakov). If you’ve only heard the bluegrass side of Courtney Hartman, you’re in for a treat.

Courtney's website: https://www.courtneyhartman.com/home

Album Stream Links: https://link.courtneyhartman.com/GLa Store: https://courtneyhartman.myshopify.com

Bandcamp: https://courtneyhartman.bandcamp.com/album/glade

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/2jLbcCta4ORz1pnrSR24dj

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