72: “What is Emotional Eating?”


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The “Bite Sized Education” Series

In this week’s episode we elaborate on the type of hunger that is labeled “emotional eating” and help you define your understanding of what this entails and how to increase your awareness around emotional urges to eat. We give tips on how to separate out food and feelings and when using food as a coping skill is normal versus problematic. We explore the beauty that food offers through pleasure and connection and why emotional eating has increased during the pandemic. We believe that emotional hunger is a biologically normal hunger and that food is a beautiful gift, and we hope that the education surrounding this topic in this episode helps you find peace and enjoy food freedom.

Our amazing listeners also wrote in and in this episode we will answer the following question:

Dear Mom Genes,

I am really confused on the definition of emotional eating. I feel like people demonize this term, but I also don’t want to be doing it wrong. If I am eating because I am sad or lonely, is that wrong? Or what about if I am celebrating a holiday or birthday with my kids? Can I eat the cake even if I am not hungry? I feel like there is a lot of negativity around emotional eating and that we shouldn’t be doing it or else we are not doing intuitive eating correctly. Can you elaborate? Thanks for your help, Emotional Mama.

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