How to Start a Business in Australia (MOTIVATIONAL)


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When you begin to go down the rabbit hole of building a business in Australia there are so many questions involving the ‘how’. One of the biggest downfalls of that thinking is that we need a ‘how to start’ motivational speech just to get us off our couch and into action.
If you want to know how to start a business you simply get it done. There isn’t a magic formula, you just start it. Just start now. Get up and do one thing to move you towards your goal. Stop procrastinating with the how.
Stop procrastinating, motivation won’t find you when you’re idle. If you really want to stop procrastination in its tracks or stop procrastinating now then you get up, you step outside, you make a phone call, you build a website, you ask for a referral, you reach out, you cold call, you just. Do. something. To get it done. Motivation is a false idea that people look for to give them momentum but the truth is that motivation comes by doing. The joy that comes through doing creates momentum and instils motivation in you to get up and try again tomorrow.
In this episode I give you a real life example of how this played out in my life and get yourself moving!
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