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We first aired Johnathan Hamilton's story in a two-part series in October of 2017. At the time, we left off with Johnathan's case considered suspended. The Bastrop Police Department believed that they had run down all of the leads, and there was nothing else left to investigate. They believed that Johnathan wasn't in Bastrop. Investigators told Angie that Johnathan wanted to leave his life behind, he was capable, and likely getting insulin from charity programs. Johnathan's mother, Angie, persisted and never gave up fighting for her son. Something didn't seem right about this. She didn't think Johnathan would have left for this long without contact, and she didn't have a single shred of proof that he ever left the town of Bastrop. In the end, Angie was right. Jonathan wasn't living on the streets of Austin, he hadn't made it to Mexico, he wasn't getting insulin from a charity. Something did happen to Johnathan Hamilton in Bastrop, Texas. Four years after Johnathan disappeared, a man swimming at a park in Bastrop made a gruesome discovery, which shifted the focus of this case right back to Bastrop, Texas, and that night back in May of 2015 when this all began.

If you have any information regarding the death of Johnathan Hamilton, please contact the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office at (512) 549-5100. You can follow Angie’s quest for answers on Facebook at Justice for Johnathan Lee Hamilton.

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