232: How to Have the BEST Holiday Season


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My mission for today's episode is to talk about the holidays. Guys, I want to talk about the holidays in my coaching community have this community of mostly women from all over the world who join me once a month. I teach on a different topic and I pose the topic to my community. So I say, Hey, guys, here's three things that are on my heart. What are you interested in learning about? I'm going into my second month of them choosing manifesting. It's a really popular topic here on the podcast and definitely in coaching.

This month I was like, Well, I just got on it, but I have some more info, so I said, OK, I can do. Manifesting 2.0, I can do a conversation about how to overcome and rise above holiday stress, or I can do a conversation about overcoming, rising above handling the stress of the holidays, particularly if you're going to be interacting with people, family, friends, in-laws that can trigger you, that can sort of make the situation not great. And honestly, I think that this still ties in really beautifully with the idea of manifesting because, you know, I'm obsessed with the idea of manifesting the life of your dreams and manifesting a life that feels really good.

And I think that there's a way to bring that intentionality into your holiday season. So that's what today's episode is about. And as usual, I have written down all kinds of crazy notes like a serial killer here in my notebook, and I'm just going to go through and kind of share some thoughts for you guys on things that I feel like have really helped me over the years in managing all of it, right? In hosting and traveling during the holidays and having kids and dealing with in-laws and going through holidays post-divorce and what that looks like.


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