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The inner attitude of expectancy and the outer results always match each other exactly. Expectancy in our minds is the cause of everything that happens in our lives—both good and bad.

How many times do we say, “I knew that would happen!” when something disastrous befalls us? And when something good happens, how often do we say, “I just knew that would come true”?

We are right both times. What we expect always happens. As we learn to discipline our minds, our job is to be sure that what we are expecting is what we want to experience. Powerful forces are set in operation by our attitudes of expectation. And these productive attitudes can be cultivated.

DONALD CURTIS, a leading teacher and writer in the field of New Thought for more than forty years, was recognized as a foremost authority in personal spiritual development. Ordained by Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of Science of Mind, Dr, Curtis ministered to large congregations in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas, lectured throughout the world, and was been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Founders Church of Religious Science. A former actor who has appeared on Broadway and in over two hundred Hollywood films, Dr. Curtis acted as a guide for his many students as they entered higher levels of awareness and embark upon a path which leads to richer, fuller living.

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