Podcast 347: Mike Squires (Couch Riffs) Returns


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The always-entertaining Mike Squires (Couch Riffs) joins us to talk about his unique and hilarious project spawned from the Instagram era, #2 Record. The "record" - which clocks in at under three minutes - is a collection of brilliantly executed original songs... that are all 15 seconds or less.

It's a recording that is equal parts writing exercise and social media commentary, but - most of all - it's filled with great (albeit quick) songs. "You get about 15 seconds of a [follower's] attention if you're lucky," he explains of the concept. "Why spend all that energy creating a product that will never be enjoyed? I'm going to cram it all into this 15 seconds of attention." Squires is a prolific creator and a talented musician who has played in the Long Winters, Nevada Bachelors, Harvey Danger, and Duff McKagan's Loaded. He is one the most tireless people we've ever met: A touring guitarist who holds down a day job; hosts, produces and edits Couch Riffs (a must-watch video series on YouTube and a podcast); and hosts the Golden Shower of Hits podcast. Mike's story is both funny and inspiring... we think you'll love it. https://themikesquires.bandcamp.com/album/2-record-digital-book-flexidisc https://www.couchriffs.com

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