Best Feel-Good Movies To Watch. Eddie The Eagle.


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Best Feel-Good Movies To Watch. Eddie The Eagle.

  • Rumor has it upcoming “Last Train To New York” is an English remake of Train To Busan, the Korean zombie movie, but obviously the train is running into a new city,
  • The creators of It’s Always Sunny have a new behind the scenes podcast called The Always Sunny Podcast
  • Jonah Hill might play Jerry Garcia in a biopic.
  • Bladerunner is getting a 10 part live action series. The pilot is supposedly written.

In Tonight’s movie, EDDIE THE EAGLE Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman co-star in the inspirational true story of Eddie the Eagle, a British ski-jumper whose Olympic performance wins the hearts of fans around the world. Eddie is an underdog who is counted out and won't give up during the 1988 Olympic winter games in Calgary, Canada.

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