Is There More Job Opportunity or Job Loss Due To Automation?


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I want to discuss job automation and job loss and what this means for jobs in the future.
Globally, It’s already been a wild year and the future of the workplace might feel even a little more uncertain for some. Robots taking over jobs in the near future is a real possibility as we have tasted a crisis that has, for the most part, shut the world down.
The question on many people’s lips is ‘will robots take our jobs?’ and the simple answer is, over time - yes they will. We’ve already seen it happen with the installation of ATMs and self-service checkouts in the grocery store. AI taking jobs is the modern world that we live in.
However, I want to pose to you the idea that jobs in the future, while potentially different from today's, will be abundant and require something that only humans can give. And that’s what I want to discuss in today’s video.
Will robots take my job?
Will robots replace humans?
But jobs that will disappear will be replaced by new jobs that, I believe, will bring even more professional fulfilment.
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