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Danie Senske, a CPA from Bland & Associates, P.C., stopped by to discuss her fresh perspective on being an advisor in an industry that is historically based on processes and procedures. She officially joined Bland as an Associate in January 2012, a position she held until promoted to a Senior Accountant in 2014. In just one year, she was promoted to Supervisor then Manager and now serves as a Tax Director, focusing on partnership, corporate and individual taxation with a heavy concentration in the real estate industry. Her client base consists primarily of real estate investors, brokers, developers, property managers, and construction contractors.

About Bland & Associates, P.C.:

For over 40 years, Bland & Associates, P.C. has embraced the diversity of its client base and offers customized solutions to fit YOUR business needs.

Whether you are a small business venture or a corporation with locations in multiple states, we draw on our extensive experience and long-term relationships with attorneys, bankers, and financial service providers to provide you cost-effective means to meet, maintain and surpass your financial expectations. Our hands-on approach works to increase your cash flow by maximizing organizational efficiency while our tax services minimize your organizational tax burden.

And when the time is right, we can help YOUR business plan for the future. Bland & Associates, P.C. develops personalized, cost-effective succession planning that maximizes your value, while making sure the goals you intended for your business are achieved.

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